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Jebbit looks a… October 14, 2012

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Jebbit looks at your interests and finds websites, clothes, products and services that you may find interesting. Each question you answer correctly will earn you cash (usually about $0.30 per question). It’s the easiest money you will make all day! All you do is check out a site, answer questions to prove you read the info on the site, and earn money. You have no more than 3-4 questions per site, and the questions are multiple choice, How easy is that!

Users are currently earning at a rate of about $19.00 an hour, and that doesn’t include the value of the deals. Technically, there is no limit to the amount of cash you can earn. They are constantly adding new companies, so the more you visit Jebbit, the more cash and deals you will get!



At the moment, you must be enrolled in a university or college in the United States to use Jebbit. However, they will be expanding their user base soon to incorporate more users, so you can register now to be the first! They are also coming out with an awesome feature within the next couple of weeks that will allow you to use your Jebbit cash for other things. They can’t say much now, but the $20 you earn on Jebbit could get you awesome prizes such as an iPad!

You can receive a check in 3-4 days or cash out via WePay (It’s like paypal) and have the funds sent to your checking/savings account or debit card. And best of all minimum cash out is $1!

Join today and enter Bargain Bonanza’s giveaway with over $100 in gift cards!


November 1, 2011

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i finally got a job thanks to http://ping.fm/pZAjr


October 29, 2011

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i just won an ipad for $24 http://ping.fm/QnoJs =D


October 22, 2011

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wow I just got an iPad for free no bs.. hurry while it lasts http://ping.fm/jSY6c


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wow I just got an iPad for free no bs.. hurry while it lasts – http://ping.fm/1PX0c


October 17, 2011

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work at home http://ping.fm/VddKv


May 3, 2010

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Brickfish Social Media: Dorm Disaster http://ping.fm/rqViz