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Financial Aid Fury November 9, 2009

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I have it calculated at this point that I will have $200 by the end of the year.  This is just enough to cover my housing DEPOSIT.  I knew college was expensive and that I was going to be in debt, but I thought I would be more prepared for this.  I have been trying to get a job for the last forever.

I am babysitting, but I only do it twice a month and get $20 each time.  I want to apply for the Burger King Scholars Scholarship, but I have to work for at least 15 hours a week.  I wish I can add my attempts at getting a job and freelance writing searching into that equation.

I start college in June.  I have to  wait until January to fill out my FAFSA, which should help me out a lot.  Part of me wants to keep applying to scholarships to increase my odds of actually winning one.  The other part of me is ready to give up and is hoping that I will win one I have already applied for.

Last week I got a phone call that sounded official enough that I thought it was someone calling me for a job interview, or to say that I had won a scholarship.   Alas, it was a college that wanted me to apply.  I politely informed him that I had already been accepted to my college of choice.

Now it is just a matter of paying for it.

Also last week, I attending an online chat with representatives of one of the scholarship websites I belong to.  I asked them if they could give me any tips on how to win a scholarship.  Everything they told me, I already knew.  On the bright side, I made my name known to the person who chooses the scholarship winners.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: It is not a matter of finding scholarships that apply to me.  I have found almost 100 scholarships I have found that I apply to me.  The issue is that I have not actually WON any yet.  I guess there is nothing I can do but to continue to apply and keep my fingers crossed.


Using my Skills October 9, 2009

Recently, I have been made the ‘unoffical’ scholarship coordinator at my high school. Who better, as I know more about scholarships than anyone I know.
I currently have a list of scholarships I am eligible for and need to apply to, which is about 80 scholarships long.
Not to mention, a mere hour ago, I found a scholarship that is due today. Thanks to my amazing skills, I should be able to finish the essay in time.
If anyone needs any help with scholarships, feel free to post your problems here. Likewise, if you know of a scholarship, please feel free to share your information!


Zinch Scholarship February 23, 2009

Please go to http://www.zinch.com/voting/Regionals.aspx?GroupId=23 and vote for SAMANTHA KELLEY for Michigan. Voting starts the Wednesday, 25th. It’s worth $20,000 and I made it through the first rounds of competition. Also, if you create a Zinch profile (which really helped me in my college search process) and mention that I helped, I get more points AND your vote counts as 2 instead of one. http://www.zinch.com/Anonymous/StudentRegister.aspx?affid=324845

Please send this as an email/rewrite this as a note and tag your friends, as this is a voting competition. Thanks!