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Zinch March Madness Regionals March 5, 2009

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Please go to http://www.zinch.com/voting/Regionals2.aspx?GroupId=136#Samantha-Kelley and vote for SAMANTHA KELLEY for Michigan. It’s worth $20,000 and I made it through the first 2 rounds of competition. Also, if you create a Zinch profile (which really helped me in my college search process) and mention that I helped, I get more points AND your vote counts as 2 instead of one. http://www.zinch.com/Anonymous/StudentRegister.aspx?affid=324845

Please vote for SAMANTHA KELLEY for North 2 and tell all your friends to do so. I have to pay for college by myself, and this scholarship will really help.

Voters must create a Zinch profile and confirm their email address to vote.

+ March 4th 1pm MST regional match ups to get into the field of 64. Ends March 11th 9am MST.

+ Round 1(field of 64) will start March 18th at 9am MST and end March 23rd 9am MST.

+ Round 2(32 remaining) starts March 23rd 1pm MST and ends March 27th 9am MST.

+ Round 3(sweet 16) starts March 27th 1pm MST and ends April 1st 9am MST.

+ Round 4 (elite 8) starts April 1st 1pm MST and ends April 6th 9am MST.

+ Final Four starts April 6th 1pm MST and ends April 10th 9am MST.

+ The Championship is from April 10th 1pm MST and ends April 15th 12pm MST.


Goals of 2009 January 11, 2009

I hope to get past some of my biggest fears and problems this year.   But to just SAY that is one thing, especially when what  I am saying is so vague.  Here are some of my goals for this year.

1. National Novel Writing Month- Reach 50,000 words in one month.  I know someone who has done this and they were quite proud of the accomplishment.  I have been saying I would do this for the last 2 years, but have yet to reach this goal.

2. April is Poetry Month- Write at least 2 poems a day in the month of April.  Last year I wrote 1 a day, while most days I wrote a lot more.  I hope to write 300 new poems this year, putting me that much closer to my goal of beating out Emily Dickinson by sheer volume.  If only I could get the prestige as well.

3. Be top debater in both the state AND the league.  These events are judged separately.  I managed to be the top debater in the league this year.  To my bitter disappointment, I barely even made it in to the final session at the state tournament.  I would also like a gavel for being a PO, since I have yet to receive one.  Not to mention a Best Bill Award.

4.  Get at least a 30 on the ACT, with a math subscore of at least 28.  I took a practice one and I got a 27, but I would like to do better.  Get a 4 on the U.S. Government AP exam.

5. Read 500 books.  I have a list of book, about 510 books long, that I would like to read.  I do not expect all of the ones I actually read this year to be from this list, but it would be nice.

6. Finish ‘Unsent Letters’, ‘Unconscious’ and ‘If you were me’ , the current books I am writing.

7. Be accepted to Eastern Michigan University.  I want to go there so bad it is ridiculous. Also be accepted to U of M, just so I can turn them down.

8. I have perfect attendance at school.  I haven’t missed a day of school in the last two years, and I would like to keep it that way.

9. Blog more.  I really need to get in more posts this year.  I’ll just make sure to write down my posts on scrap sheets of paper.


Add It All Up

I love philosophy and the old cliches that are true in life.  When I am lost I rely on wise words to get me through. Some of my favorite cliches are those that involve knowledge, time or love. (“The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.” Bertrand Russell).
Although on the surface I might appear shallow to others, I am usually motivated by the desire to have others go beyond trivial emotions and pains in life.  I try to base all of my decisions on logic and not on whim alone.  Sometimes, however, logic doesn’t even make it’s way into the equation.
I often try to control my surroundings in any way possible.  Generally, this does not work out and it leaves me feeling powerless and depressed.  When I feel insecure my sense of humor completely disappears.
I spend a good amount of my free time planning the future.  I have trouble with dwelling in the past and hoping for the future that I ignore the present.  I do not do my homework yet I’ll set there and research colleges.  The absolute pointlessness of it all make me laugh, but cry a little inside.  I could tell you more about Eastern Michigan University then I could tell you about the structure of cells or factoring an equation.