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A Teen Writer’s Trip to the Top

Zinch Scholarship February 23, 2009

Please go to http://www.zinch.com/voting/Regionals.aspx?GroupId=23 and vote for SAMANTHA KELLEY for Michigan. Voting starts the Wednesday, 25th. It’s worth $20,000 and I made it through the first rounds of competition. Also, if you create a Zinch profile (which really helped me in my college search process) and mention that I helped, I get more points AND your vote counts as 2 instead of one. http://www.zinch.com/Anonymous/StudentRegister.aspx?affid=324845

Please send this as an email/rewrite this as a note and tag your friends, as this is a voting competition. Thanks!


Green Intellect December 27, 2008

I am (attempting to) start a charitable organization.  Hopefully, I can convince my friend Amelia (see ‘Losing My Religion’) to join me.  She would be the perfect partner and combination.

To start of the organization will be called Green Intellect.  The goal is to preserve the earth and knowledge for future generations.  It will promote literacy and education through book and school supply drives and will give appreciation to educators.  It will give environment awareness and improvement in Earth Day related celebrations and activities.

And Amelia would be perfect to help me start it up.  If not for the support, at least for a good tag line.  Imagine this: “An organization focused on education and the environment.  Created by a science loving, tree hugging, underachieving agnostic (me) and her counseling, straight-A, Catholic friend (Amelia).”