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Add It All Up January 11, 2009

I love philosophy and the old cliches that are true in life.  When I am lost I rely on wise words to get me through. Some of my favorite cliches are those that involve knowledge, time or love. (“The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.” Bertrand Russell).
Although on the surface I might appear shallow to others, I am usually motivated by the desire to have others go beyond trivial emotions and pains in life.  I try to base all of my decisions on logic and not on whim alone.  Sometimes, however, logic doesn’t even make it’s way into the equation.
I often try to control my surroundings in any way possible.  Generally, this does not work out and it leaves me feeling powerless and depressed.  When I feel insecure my sense of humor completely disappears.
I spend a good amount of my free time planning the future.  I have trouble with dwelling in the past and hoping for the future that I ignore the present.  I do not do my homework yet I’ll set there and research colleges.  The absolute pointlessness of it all make me laugh, but cry a little inside.  I could tell you more about Eastern Michigan University then I could tell you about the structure of cells or factoring an equation.


If you can’t meet a deadline… October 27, 2008

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No, I do not pay attention in English. I’ll admit to it. But that is not the reason I am currently failing. I’m failing because time is my worst enemy.

My teacher does not accept late work. For the most part, I understand this and I respect it. However, when the thing I cannot turn in late is what the teacher is basing the entire first card marking on, I’m going to be ticked. Especially when the project is something a respectable writer should not be doing.

Let me elaborate. Every year, as a student in multiple classes within the language arts department, I am stuck composing a book of poetry, Do not get me wrong, I love writing poetry. I don not even mind being graded solely on how well write, or my ability to stick to a form.

However, in no way do I condone mindless typing and binding of work. Finding picture in magazines (using someone else’s work to show of your originality.) and slapping them onto previously untainted literary art is just not right. Neither is putting a title on every poem, lest ye be marked down for not finishing the assignment. Not every poem can be titled right away. Sometimes it takes day, even weeks to think of a fitting title. So having a student label a poem five minutes after writing it is unjust and agaisnt any sort of writers code.

I do not fail from not doing the work. I do the work, as pointless as I find it. I have it done, just not with me. It was due at the beginning of the hour, as soon as I arrived. Unfortunately, at the time it was siting n my nightstand. I attempted to have my mother drop it off, but it never came.

So don’t call me a slacker. Do not say that I am under protest and wanted this failing grade. Just see it as another attack from time, another victim to the cause.