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A Teen Writer’s Trip to the Top

ImPROPer October 27, 2008

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I always end up with the handcuffs.

A simple sentence, sure to catch the readers attention. Even more sure when the ‘reader’ is someone randomly walking by. Especially so when that someone is your teacher.

When surrounded by thespians, a writer needs to do surprisingly little to blend in. Just write (and act out) a scene no holds barred. I’m talking about a scene of lust and murder. A scene where not only do you have to come on to your superior, but then commit some act of violence, whereas you are forced to throw yourself onto the ground.

I’ve joined in with catcalls as others changed outerwear for their characters. I’ve put on, removed and made many jokes about a pair of handcuffs. I’ve turned on lights, napped on couches and have climbed through windows on stage. Basically, I have become a drama kid.

What is the point of assimilating to the crowd? First off, it allows you to be an extra in so many more scenes. Secondly, it brings you closer to the class clown, the favorite, the beautiful. I have one person in mind. Not only is he an actor, but I see him as a respectable writer. I am not saying I have a crush on this person. No, that would not be the accurate categorization. It’s more of a casual, weird interested in said individual. And as to quote him (as I made a comment about his body, once again only to fit in) “Whoa, I’ve known you since fourth grade.”