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Add It All Up January 11, 2009

I love philosophy and the old cliches that are true in life.  When I am lost I rely on wise words to get me through. Some of my favorite cliches are those that involve knowledge, time or love. (“The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.” Bertrand Russell).
Although on the surface I might appear shallow to others, I am usually motivated by the desire to have others go beyond trivial emotions and pains in life.  I try to base all of my decisions on logic and not on whim alone.  Sometimes, however, logic doesn’t even make it’s way into the equation.
I often try to control my surroundings in any way possible.  Generally, this does not work out and it leaves me feeling powerless and depressed.  When I feel insecure my sense of humor completely disappears.
I spend a good amount of my free time planning the future.  I have trouble with dwelling in the past and hoping for the future that I ignore the present.  I do not do my homework yet I’ll set there and research colleges.  The absolute pointlessness of it all make me laugh, but cry a little inside.  I could tell you more about Eastern Michigan University then I could tell you about the structure of cells or factoring an equation.


Green Intellect December 27, 2008

I am (attempting to) start a charitable organization.  Hopefully, I can convince my friend Amelia (see ‘Losing My Religion’) to join me.  She would be the perfect partner and combination.

To start of the organization will be called Green Intellect.  The goal is to preserve the earth and knowledge for future generations.  It will promote literacy and education through book and school supply drives and will give appreciation to educators.  It will give environment awareness and improvement in Earth Day related celebrations and activities.

And Amelia would be perfect to help me start it up.  If not for the support, at least for a good tag line.  Imagine this: “An organization focused on education and the environment.  Created by a science loving, tree hugging, underachieving agnostic (me) and her counseling, straight-A, Catholic friend (Amelia).”


Inspiration October 26, 2008

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Where do I get my inspiration? Life.

Is there anything from my life that I wouldn’t right about, on the ground of it being to personal? Hasn’t happened yet.

Just yesterday I wrote a one act play on how I am cheating on my boyfriend. This is going to be a public piece of writing, as I have to perform it in front of the class. Not only does it bring up the fact that I am cheating, but it also implies that I have a crush on a certain close friend of mine, who just happens to be acting in said play.

I’ve written poems for class (and otherwise) about teachers that I’ve had crushes on.

There’s been many a short story based on a guy who a was obsessed with and constantly psychologically abused me. Heck, that was most of the literary work written in middle school, including those used for certain portions of standardized tests.

So, no, there is nothing that has been left unwritten, not scrutinized by the public eye.

For I am a writer. I can’t help it. If what you’re doing is so horrible that you do not want it written down, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it. I will not censor myself nor my writing for you.


Front Porch Poet October 23, 2008

Never was I a front porch poet
enthralled by setting sun
watching cars and people pass
as soon as suppers done.
Nor have I stared hard at the moon
going line by line
waiting for inspiration
a falling leaf to catch my eye.
The reason being simply
I cannot stand the crowd
a silent passer’s curiosity
at once becomes so loud.
A raised brow, a turning head
my ever rising fear
that my deaf words have fallen
upon a third, unkindly ear.
My writing, it goes quiet
yet not from lack of words
even the most hidden of poets
draw spectators in herds.

This was the first poem that was deemed acceptable by the writing community. And when I see writing community, I of course mean the wonderful folks at About.com’s poetry forum.