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Losing My Religion December 25, 2008

“It is not X-mas.  It is Christmas!  CHRISTmas!  Geez!” my friend Amelia shouts at the AP Biology board.  I shake my head at her.
“There are other religions besides your Amelia.”  I know this because a good deal of my friends are Islamic.  Either that or Atheist, Catholic, Mormon… basically I have friends with a wide range of spiritual views.
“Yes, but people from other religions should be able to respect the fact that it is the celebration of the savior.  Don’t call it something it isn’t.  For goodness sakes, it is a Christmas  tree, not a holiday tree.  Merry Christmas!  Not happy holidays! Those without religion celebrate Christmas.”
“That isn’t completly true.  I celebrate Christmas…”
“And you have no religion, proving my point!”
“BUT, I would celebrate Hanukkah if I had a menorah.  Same with Kwanzaa, or whatever kooky holiday they have these days.”
It is not like I do not like religion.  I am all for people coming together, having faith and keeping alive.  The last part is the complicated one.  Other than oil, religion seems to be the main motivator of war.  Besides the crusades, Jihads, fanatical sect violence, the inquisition, and faith-driven terrorist attacks, religion causes most of the day to day prejudice in the world.
I would like to believe that there is some higher power who awards believers and those who do well.  That doesn’t seem to be the case.
Everyday I hear about some near saint being shot or a bunch of innocent men, women and children being wiped out by genocide and natural disasters.  I could not imagine that an almighty could smite their own creation like that.


Who I am December 9, 2008

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SEX, for all purposes, is a drug.  It alters your thought process and makes you do stupid things (and stupid people).  It allows you to ‘rise to the occasion’ and commit false acts of bravery.  With sex, just like with drugs, you can catch a disease by sharing your needle with the wrong person.  And let’s not forget the convenient forgetting of things, whether it be your name or theirs, associated with either action.

MANIPULATION, is the most sincere form of flattery.  The ends justify the means, with the ends usually being a warm bed or a higher grade (be careful of mixing the two).  Patience is a virtue, but I’m not exactly applying for sainthood.  Waiting is pointless, because I know what I want, and I want it now.

BOUNDARIES, were meant to be crossed.  Cross mine and suffer my wrath.  Cross yours and we could be great friends.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t lie straight to your face or never betray you, because my boundaries do not include a jail cell.  That is, unless you are in the system.  Then you cannot find anyone more loyal than myself.