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A Teen Writer’s Trip to the Top

aMUSE November 1, 2008

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It is always nice to hear that you are liked.  Especially when you truly believed otherwise.  This ‘respectable writer’ this ‘class clown’.  For some reason I had a feeling that he did not like me, and therefore, did not want me around.  Not just him either, but his friend as well.  His dancing, probing friend who doesn’t know how to properly wear pants.

When you write with a muse, there is always the chance that the writing makes no sense.  Or at least it doesn’t to anyone besides said muse.  And that is a pretty limited fan base, not a good way to be recognized at all.  It is all good in well if you don’t want fame outside of love letters.  However, if you want to be an actual writer, one that is talked about by fans worldwide, stop relying on a muse.