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A Little Over Board November 16, 2008

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It is about time.  For once (make that twice) , time has ruled in my favor.  And victory sure tastes sweet.

Victory number 1: Barack Obama.  Finally a Democrat is back in the office.  Someone to bring up the nation from the disparity of the Bush Administration.  In the beginning, and to a certain extent, now, I did not know that much about Barack Obama.

Victory number 2: I finally found my wallet, which contains, amongst other things, my library card.  I was not able to visit the library for weeks.  I was deprived of reading anything other than debate research.

So it struck me.  I needed to read, and I had someone I wanted to read about.  Without delay, I placed a hold on practically every book on Obama within my library network.  When I finally made my way to the library, the books sat snuggled on the holds shelf.

I stacked the books in my hand, barely able to balance them to the checkout counter.

The first night I let them sit at the foot of my bed, as I was preoccupied with piles of homework and chores.  The second night I cracked open the first book with Barack’s face on the cover.

I was delighted as I learned previously unknown information on our president elect. From Hawaii to Kenya to Chicago to Indonesia to Iraq.  I became frustrated, twice shouting at the book, for the overused reference to Barack Obama as ‘Barry’.

I still have a lot more to read, (including Audacity of Hope)and I am looking forward to it.