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The _____ Day Ever (Part 1) February 20, 2009

Why today may be the worst day so far in my (young) life:

1. Someone that I like is getting married.  It does not matter who.  I do not want to marry him.  But the fact that he is currently engaged is depressing.

2. My boyfriend was not in school today.  I carefully made the point of wearing the necklace he gave me today, and he was not there to see me effort.  The reason that he was not here is because he is sick.  I coughed a couple times today and fear I have caught his cold.  And he told me he was not contagious!

3. The Forensics 3 Curse.  Every year, the day of the 3rd forensics meeting, I manage to injure at least two of my fingers.  I forgot about the curse until I received a paper cut.  Later, before the meeting, I smashed another one of my fingers in my organizer.

4. One of my friends may be gay.  This in itself is not an issue.  The issue is that this is someone I have/do have a crush on and who, I believed, had a crush/was hitting on me.  Could that be any more embarrassing?

5. I have not finished a poem in days.  Also I found out a friend of mine is a VERY good writer.  You know, good for him.  But it only makes me look even worse.

6. My English sucks (excuse my French).  I have a pen pal in Korea who is hoping (or is it hopping?) that I will help her out with her English.  As if I am an expert in the language I claim to speak!

7. Lunch was a series of badness.  First I clearly called a seat check, which was ignored.  When I came back, the only seat left was one that was covered in glitter.  I took it. Then I proceded to spill msahed potatoes all over myself.  Not to mention, before I had I chance to bite into my sandwhich, Scotty looked over (we usually order the same thing) and says “Just so you know, the food tastes like ass today.”


Teacher Falls Off Grading Curve December 9, 2008

Extra credit was awarded to Will Goodman yesterday after he solved the recent disappearance of his biology teacher. Ms. Mendel, who had been missing since last Thursday, was found at the bottom of Grading Curve. “I don’t have much of a social life,” said Goodman to reporters, “so, naturally, I was at Grading Curve.”

Grading Curve is the local hot spot for teacher’s pets and the like. It contains a diverse range of specimens for study, along with a clear view of the night sky for astronomical calculations. Ironically, it is located on the opposite side of town as ‘Romance Road’, the local make-out site. Ms. Mendel is in fine condition.

When asked how she made it five days alone in the wildernes, docters reponded, “It is survival of the fittest out there. I guess she just had what it takes to compete.”